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Company profile

    Anhui Guanshun Camshaft Manufacture Co. Ltd  specializes in the production of of camshaft for various models. After 20 years of production and management, our camshaft products have been exported to  more than 40 countries and regions ,such as the United States, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on , with a high market share and reputation.our registered trademark "GS" has a high visibility.

       The factory now can offer products of  more than 100 models or 1000 types , our products apply to automobiles, trucks, agricultural machinery, heavy machinery, etc. now we have 10 professional and technical personnels who are responsible for the development of new products. We can develop new products in full accordance with the requirements of our guests and samples.   

       Anhui Guanshun Camshaft Manufacture Co. Ltd  will work with both new and old friends with higher quality and better after-sales service and higher business reputation . With respect for our customers, we are looking forward to enable our customers to establish long-term confidence with high quality and reliable products , sincere and meticulous service.

Anhui Guanshun Camshaft Manufacture Co. Ltd

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